Whether you are looking to serve beef, pork, poultry, or lamb, Dittmer's carries a wide selection of fresh and specialty meats to meet all of your dining and entertaining needs.



Dittmer's offers a full selection of USDA Choice & Prime Midwestern beef. Steaks, roasts, Rouladen, and marinated Santa Maria Style tri-tip roasts are available.



Danish style pork loin roast, pork cutlets, leg of pork, are just a few of the pork cuts that we carry.



Veal shanks for Osso Bucco, veal cutlets for scaloppini or schnitzel, veal stew, and veal chops are just a part of the selection of formula fed veal that you will find in our display case.



Dittmer's has California Lamb - a meat known for its superb quality. Cuts include: lamb loin chops, Saratoga Roast, lamb shanks, shoulder chops, and leg of lamb. Have Dittmer's butterfly, or bone and tie a leg of lamb for you.


Ground Meats

Dittmer's offers only the freshest ground meats. Each morning we grind our own ground round, ground chuck, ground veal, ground chicken, ground turkey, and ground pork.



Dittmer's offers range grown chickens and Diestel* range grown turkeys fed on a vegetarian diet. Diestel turkey breast and turkey cutlets are also available. We also carry: duck, duck breast, goose, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, and Cornish game hen.

* Diestel turkeys have been rated the best tasting turkey by the San Francisco Chronicle and described as "everything a turkey should be."


Specialty Meats

Venison, buffalo, can be found in Dittmer's display freezer.