Dittmer's Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus, Inc.  Los Altos, CA


Try Dittmer's smoked meats. You will taste the difference.
All of the smoked meats that we offer are cured in our kitchen and then smoked in our smoke house using Dittmer's special blend of herbs and spices. Because we cure and smoke the meat ourselves we guarantee that you will get only the highest quality and freshest meats.

Smoked Meats    
Back Bacon Chicken Legs Pheasant^
Canadian Bacon Chicken Wings Pig's Feet
Country Style Bacon* Duck* Pork Jowl
English Rasher Bacon Game Hen Quail^
Garlic & Herb Bacon Ham Hocks Salmon
Gypsy Bacon Bone-in Ham Schaufele
Pepper Bacon Boneless Ham Schinkenspeck
Beef Jerky Honey Cured Ham Shoulder Picnic
Coppa Kassler Ripchen
(Pork Chops)
Spare Ribs
Hot Coppa Leg of Lamb^ Tasso
Chicken* Neck Bones Tongue
Chicken Breast Pancetta Turkey*
* Award Winner    
^ Special Order    

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